Silk, sequins and embroidery are what this jacket is made of.  This is my last one, sold all the rest.

This is a Elsie Massey original, comes in off white also.  She is the maker of fantastic Victorian hats.

Green dress, modeled by Jackie cries out for a model figure to wear it. Hat made by Honeysuckle.

Pale pink poncho, one size fits all. Comes with cute newsboy hat in same design.  Warm, Warm.

For the fisherman in your life, this would make a great paperweight.

See additional accessories.

This old timey football helmet would look great with his other memorabilia.

Does the man in your life golf? There is also a golf ball and a golf shoe that would go along with this.

This nostalgic bicycle would also make a great paper weigh as would my old cars & tractors.

Miniatures - Male

Unique Night Lamps or

use as Night Lights


Teddy Bears

Vintage Jewelry in blues

Vintage Jewelry in blues & purples

Vintage jewelry in blues & white

Vintage jewelry gold & crystals

Night Lamps

Love it again Clothing

Clothing Specials Here!

We have all types, sizes and can cover all the seasons in our clothing, new or used.

Vintage Jewelry


Miniatures - Female

Teddy Bears for Snuggles or Collection. Authentic heart on their paw.

Miniature gifts for Men
For the man in your life that is hard to buy for, how about one of these nostalgic pieces that can display on a shelf, use as a paperweight or add to his collection of unique items.

We truly have a cornucopia of merchandise that would not fit on the other pages.  New clothes including jackets, pant suits, dresses, feather jackets and lace tops. Included in our pre-owned clothing is pants suits, dress suits for the red hatters, glamorous night life clothing, sweaters and more.  We have lots of resin miniatures for the ladies and the gentlemen.  Teddy bears for the children, shoes for all.  In addition, we have Vintage Jewelry, boxes and boxes of it, vintage hats and vintage purses.  These pages represent only a small portion of our  merchandise.  For a larger selection, visit our Ebay Store: Honeysuckle Rose Boutique with over 350 items.    

Miniature gifts for ladies, think Mothers Day, Birthday, Christmas

for that special gift to a daughter, granddaughter or niece.


These are all resin miniatures, have about 15 pair of shoes, several soft material hats (hats on top, trinket boxes on bottom). Bibles, books and more. See full collection on Ebay at HoneySuckleRose Boutique.  We're adding new ones weekly.  Contact us if there is something special you are looking for at 

Victorian Teddy Bears with Heart.  Each one decorated in the Victorian fashion with a lace collar around their neck and a flower with ribbons and pearls on their head.  Authenticated with a heart on bottom of paw.  Available in maroon, light blue, navy blue & beige.  Get your order in now!  These cuddly collectables are moving fast and when they are gone, there is no more.   

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Flip Flops


Furry Boot Specials

Sequins and Sash

or Baubles and Goodie

Goodie Shoes for little girls


Please call for prices, more like these available.  Get a group together for a headband or package decoration class and call me. 


Three pieces of vintage design, a jewelry box, a salt cellar and a beautiful perfume holder.

Victorian lace lamp with matching candle holders in shades of lt. green.

 Put on a flower arrangement, add to a hat or headband, put atop a Mardi Gras creation, let your imagination go.

A very large flower & leaves, add some ribbon, use for a pkg decoration, door decoration.

Honeysuckle Rose Boutique

Mardi Gras Specials! See our Mask! Or, Call 469-853-2747 for Handmade Specials! 


  Vintage Jewelry

All colors, shapes, sizes

Blues and Golds

Crystals and Silver

Beads, Baubles of

all shapes and sizes.  More than I have room to show here.  I have cases and cases of them.

Thanks for looking, I have so much more merchandise than I could put on these pages.  I still have thousands of pieces still to put up.  I want to get my store on ebay up to 500 items and then when I do that, will start flling my ebay, zibbet, and facebook stores with the rest. In addition to what I currently have in stock, I still keep designing and creating so I never know what i will come up with. I like to create out of the box and if it is "eye candy" you will find it here.  Want to learn to make bows, headbands, fascinators, decorate hats, put together wreaths, get some of your like minded friends and lets do it.  Check back here for classes that I originate that you can join or add your name to a list until I have enough pupils to make a class.

Love it Again Clothing! 

Pre-owned Casual 


Winter Specials!  

Lamp with light on, shown to right.  Actually a night light, 

size of a small purse. 

Great in a child's room

scared of the night,

emits soft, comfy glow.

Maroon & white night light

So cute with faux pearls on handle  Chandelle feathers around top.

So elegant is this beige night light with a chain slung across it.

Bali Sandals! 

From trip to Bali 

Hand Made(?) 

Only a Few left.

I wear this brand all the time, order several pair at a time, sometimes they are too big or too little so I sell them.


Only 2 pair left! 

Comfy, Cozy, Faux Fur

w/ shearling inside to keep your tootsies warm.

Goodie Goodie shoes, only little girl sizes left.  Originally sold n my store for $35, Clearance Sale for $12!

This 3 piece pants suit was mine, I got too large to wear it.  Great for traveling, wash and wear.

Reminds me of the song,

Coat of many Colors.


For those Texas Longhorns fans, a sweat shirt and gym bag.  Looks like new.

Beautiful purple jacket and long dress. Dress is strapless. Several more evening dresses available.