Green suede body with faux

fur top, this purse will

keep you in style.

From faux fur to faux leather, this purse will go with everything.


Real rabbit hair with faux

large pearls, this one will

keep you styling.

From my travels to Thailand,

silk and embroidery with

ring for a handle.

Material Jewelry

Glamorous, Glitzy Jewelry is part of our inventory and includes bracelets, necklaces, and rings for those special times when mundane just won't do!  We started putting magnetic backs on our jewelry to eliminate "pin holes" in your clothing and found it works great on purses, hats, headbands and even glass wear to dress it up.  Replace your broken pin backs with magnetics today and be glad you did!

We started wire wrapping jewelry 10 years ago and have many new stones that lend themselves to this craft.  Love to make beaded earrings and necklaces though it takes patience and time.  Made them for myself to start.  Received lots of compliments so decided to add to Handmade items to sell.  Necklaces below are a new area I have taken up recently with a variety .


Material Jewelry came about when I bought a pair of handmade earrings that were extremely light weight, as I wear clip earrings. Decided to try my hand at making them.  Love these! Can wear all day without hurting.  Pierced earrings available too.  Purses include purchases made during overseas travels.  Includes hand decorated Purses and wholesale in a variety of colors.

Purses, all kinds...

from faux fur to

silk purses, we gotcha


Variety of Colors, Styles in stock.  Handmade or design your own with   Crystal Stones of your choice for wire wrapping.

Add broaches to your favorite handbag, hat or clothing without worrying about damaging it.

Many varied broaches to choose from with magnetic backs. I sell magnets for $6-$12.

If you don't see one you like, let us put one on your broach for $15. These are very strong magnetics.

Dress up a vase with one or more magnetic broaches.  Replace a broken back with a magnetic.

Thank you for browsing our Boutique and hope it's given you inspiration and creative ideas.  To make a purchase online, please visit our store on Ebay: Honeysucklerose Boutique.  Or, visit Store on Zibbet! We're offering discounts of 20% for a limited time on our  Honeysucklerose Zibbet store!   We would love to hear from you. Questions? Discuss a creative idea for a hat, jewelry or your special event?  Please don't hesitate to call Sue at 469-853-2747 or email for free consultation.  

Mardi Gras Specials! See our Mask! Or, Call 469-853-2747 for Handmade Specials! 

No More "Pin  Holes" - Magnetic Backs

Handmade Necklaces


Glamerous, Glitzy Jewelry

Honeysuckle Rose Boutique

Handmade takes talent to put the colors and beads together and patience and time, lots of time.

A Honeysuckle Rose design.

Wire wrapped Stones from worlds largest jewelry event in Arizona.

Druzy, with crystals in  center. 

I curated and added bail.

Available in other colors

Beautiful Crystal stones for wire

wrapping. Natural colors in center.

Sell to collectors as is.

Large amethyst wrapped in

faux gold.  Black and Clear

crystals available like this. 

Beaded Jewelry

Honeysuckle Rose design. 

Lightweight.  Can be pierced or clip.  Colors and designs are available

Honeysuckle Rose Design. 

Pin & earrings or make pin into necklace drop. Clip or pierced.

To create interest to this set, 

added a rhinestone pin

to the brooch or necklace.

One of my favorites. 

Similar to one  I purchased that started me on this path.

These beaded earrings and brooches are all handmade by Honeysuckle Rose and include plastic as well as glass and metal beads.  Most are light weight and we can make them in either clip or pierced.   We can match your clothing with earrings.  Silver and gold findings will incur an additional charge. 

An eclectic variety of colors and texture from imports & domestic.

Small Purses

Small zippered Beaded purses I bought while on my travels in Bali.

Beautiful small velvet purses with stone work on the front encased by feathers, lots of colors available

Small red purse hand decorated by Honeysuckle Rose with pin surrounded by ostrich feathers

"Isharvia" Hand loomed Alpaca 

wool by natives in mountains of Peru.

Added lining, feathers, vintage pin.


Magnets are commercial grade,  stronger than you buy at craft stores.  Call 469-853-2747 for info.

Other Purses

Many more exotic purses available including one that is made with vintage mink and ribbons with a very large rhinestone pin on the front.

Handmade Jewelry

Red Hatter's Dream

Beautiful red and purple necklace

Eye-catching, glamorous rings

purchased in New York

Name your color bracelet. 

A variety at very reasonable prices.

You really don't want to hide your beautiful face behind a mask!!

All hand made, beaded necklaces, some exotic stones in them, some of them I made in 3 different sizes so if you like to wear several at a time with the same theme, you can. Enlarge the pictures so you can see the stones, they are really unique.  I have priced them like a bracelet that is 7" long @ $14.00.   If the necklace is 14" it is $28 and if it is 21", it is $42.00 and that price is without charging any for labor, a bargain!!.

Most beaded earrings are clips because that is what I wear but can make pierced on some of them.  Some are too heavy to lend themselves to pierced. Don't have a size comparison but clip earrings are big in size.