Everything nice, with colors

and spice, for little girls to Holiday seasons, special events, or any reason.  Call Sue 469-853-2747

Special Holiday/Team/Double Door Wreaths

I have about 25 boxes of ribbon as full as this box with many textures.  I can make a bow to match almost anything or season.

Red Hat ladies, I have boxes of red ribbon to decorate hats, make bows, decorate packages and make holiday wreaths.

You won't find this ribbon in your local stores, this is high end speciality ribbon. Make an unusual headband out of it.

Have you ever seen round ribbon? This has the added bonus of being covered in glitter.  What could you make with this??

One of my large pins worn on a hat, available in several different colors. Can make in smaller sizes.

Another large feather pin, dare to be bold, it is an attention getter. Let us make them in your team colors.

You can even use feathers to make a tree, many colors available. I have seen these made 7' tall.

Some of the exotic boas that I have in stock, for sale.  Many more boas, ostrich, chandelle many colors.

Swagger, do you have it? 

These floral arrangements certainly do!

Ribbons and Bows for all occasions.  From Traditional Christmas Wrappings to special moments and all seasons.

We stock a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes and unique ribbons.  Choose from a variety of offerings or call for unique one-of-a-kind creations to highlight your special moment.  Browse below and click for pricing and more information. We sell unique and expensive ribbon at prices you can afford, by the roll or by the foot.


We stock over 300 boas, single feathers, feather flowers, and feathers by the inch.

We have a wide variety of florals, including wreaths, garlands, bowties, teardrops, and tabletop. Not content to leave a wreath alone, often several wreaths are put together to make extravagant wreaths and table settings. Includes bows, ribbons and special add-ons to meet your event needs. Honeysuckle Rose specializes in spectacular package decorations and has plans in the future to make package decorations out of feathers.


Swag Florals are 1/2 a circle or straight across, commonly used over mirrors, doors, pictures as accents.

Pink swag with bow

spring or summer

or anytime in house.

Beautiful Fall Straight Swag

 Use in place of a wreath on front door or table decoration.

Vibrant Fall Swag, Straight 

with big bow.  Use on table as  centerpiece or fireplace mantel.

Unusual turquoise and silver package decoration or use on the door of an assisted living residence.

Fabulous package decoration or use on a door.  Who would want this??This you could pass down each year.

This copper color would make a great package decoration for a male.  Designed by Honeysuckle Rose

For a Little girl, or a teenager. Who would not want hot pink as their package decoration? 

Support your favorite team with a wreath on your door or on your table. Dallas Cowboys light up wreath

Marti Gras wreath, deco wrap base with gold mask, purple feathers.  Add your own touch to make it yours. 

Awesome double wreaths, if you have 2 doors, this would be perfect. Not exactly alike but complimentary.

A sweet Easter wreath with bunnies, eggs and all the things that make it Easter in pastel colors.

Thank you for browsing our Boutique and hope it's given you inspiration and creative ideas.  To make a purchase online, please visit our store on Ebay: Honeysucklerose Boutique.  Or, visit Store on Zibbet!   We're offering discounts of 20% for a limited time on our  Honeysucklerose Zibbet store!   We would love to hear from you. Questions? Discuss a creative idea for a hat, jewelry or your special event?  Please don't hesitate to call Sue at 469-853-2747 or email sueirvine@aol.com for free consultation.

Many Varieties of each design and styles for any occasion and taste. 

A vibrant fall teardrop, a teardrop is larger on top and tapers to the bottom.  Use in place of a wreath.

Christmas teardrop with silver on silver.  Use in place of a wreath for a different look.

Bowtie is a arrangement of a round top crossed with 2 ends, usually a grapevine or wisteria base.

This arrangement can be used year round as it is not tied to any season.

Use on a table or door.


Littlegirls bows in all pastel colors, some with feathers, base is on a  hair clip. Can be added to headband.

Hand made bows for any occasion, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween and more.

 Can you see this decorating a white blouse, a dress, or a hat.  It would really ramp up the glamour. 

Elegant  ribbon wholesales for $100/roll.  Your cost so much less. See by the roll or foot.

Mardi Gras Specials! See our Mask! Or, Call 469-853-2747 for Handmade Specials! 


Don't just dress your tree, make the bottom of it as elegant as the top with these package decorations. Choose from a variety of designs, or call Sue for  a Unique Creation.  Let us design your package decorations this year.   Get your orders in early.  Many more styles including feathers.  

Sue @ 469-853-2747

First & 3rd are hand made, 2 and 4th were samples from the wholesale showroom I work at in the World trade Center, one of the largest wholesale showrooms in the nation, savings I am able to pass on to you.  Sometimes I am able to buy below wholesale  and you get those savings as well, cheaper than retail stores can buy them.  See Mardi Gras and Cowboy wreaths on Ebay: Honeysucklerose Boutique.

Large Bows

Garlands are typically 5-6' long, can make into a circle for a wreath, this is a beautiful example of a garland.

Bring in a circle and add another garland or a wreath to make a really full wreath.

I often use garlands around wreaths or could drape over a door or a window or mirror, added interest.

A fall garland, wrap it around candles or use it as a runner down a table, there are so many uses for these.


Tabletop Arrangements

Honeysuckle Rose Boutique

Largehandmade bow displayed on a round table, SOLD

Large handmade bow for mantle or Christmas tree or add to door as wreath.

How many different ribbons can you use to make black and white bows.


Unusual colors do a bow make, hang on a door instead of a wreath.


Feather Fun

Many Colors & Styles in stock! Specialty Ribbons all sizes and shapes. Make your own design, or call Sue for unique creation  for your special occasion, call Sue.


A teardrop, large on the top and tapering on the bottom, an upside down teardrop.

Tabletop arrangements for any room in your house. Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom, bathroom or Living room. Other colors available in same containers.

Can't have too much feather fun!!mall Hats

Small Christmas Wreaths/Package Decorations

Wreaths for all Seasons 



or Fall...

all you have to do is call


What is more fun than feather arrangements? Add a natural touch to your home with feathers

 Add a touch of whimsy to your curtains with this feather tie back, or hang on a door, other colors.

You, of course, can't burn a candle in them, but they sure dress up that  candle while it's sitting there.
Feathers on rolls, sold by the inch. Various Colors and Lengths in stock including some pastels and solids. 

Go Silver & Blue! Dallas Cowboys! Unique, one-of-a-kind Wreath. 

Purchase on EBAY or Call Sue


Children's Ribbons, Package Bows, or for Hats, etc.

 Garlands only for Christmas tree?

 Not these pretties!  Garlands for all year round and all special occasions.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall..

Black, Gold, Red &

White Stripe! Large &

small. For Tree, table,

door or wall.  Browse our selection or call for

unique creations by

Sue 469-853-2747 

Can you believe such an ugly creature produces beautiful feathers?  Ostrich feathers add elegance wherever used.

Feathery Delight, on Hats, or as unique decorations around the home or for events.




This sweet spring boutique is nestled in a white pot with a spout.  Colors of lavender, white and yellow.

This vibrant orange boutique will be sure to usher in fall in style.

Unusual boutique instead of using a pot to hold flowers, uses green stems.

This green and white floral boutique would go with any décor.